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Urinetown, The Musical

SOU's Urinetown slide showEarlier this year we took the kids to a play called, “Urinetown, The Musical” at SOU. The play was pretty good–very original and well executed by the SOU students. We thought the play was satirical, but after a few days in Paris we realized it wasn’t.

You see, in Urinetown people have to pay to pee. And in Paris, assuming you can even find a toilet, you frequently have to pay to pee. Sometimes the price can be ridiculous too. One place wanted 2 Euro per person. Imagine paying over US$3 just to pee!?!

At the previously mentioned Luxembourg Park we paid to pee. Then we paid to have our kids get into the playground area. Only then did we find out that you can pee for “free” in the playground area after paying to get in. They really stick it to the tourist who doesn’t know the peeing particulars in Paris.

Paris as a vacation destination is overrated. People who have yet to visit the place imagine a clean, classy town with lots of charm and beauty. Perhaps, by looking only at the photos I have shared so far, you have been thinking the same. The reality is that Paris is very crowded, not very clean, and the occasional charms are not around every corner. In fact, thanks to the lack of public toilets and people trying to avoid having to pay to pee, public urination can be smelled as you walk the streets. Not pleasant. There were other strange odors in Paris as well, but what can you expect in Urinetown?

3 Responses to “Urinetown, The Musical”

  1. 1

    Did you know that Paris was the inspiration for Urinetown?

  2. 2

    I had no idea! He says he was walking by Luxembourg Gardens no less. I’m guessing he actually tried to pee by the playground in the public park and found out he had to pay as I did.

    In any case, it makes perfect sense. I’m probably not the first to notice the problem of peeing in Paris (or the odors as you walk the streets).

  3. 3

    And, well, people from Paris don’t think nor say it’s clean either…
    It’s well overrated, but as a Parisian, that’s how I like it: dirty and smelly…


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