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From 5th to 1st!

In Seibu’s second game last season, pictured above, they lost to the Rakuten Golden Eagles. They ended up losing more than they won in 2007. This year their fortunes took a dramatic turn for the better as they won the Pacific Coast League. Let’s see if the Seibu Lions can go all the way in 2008. All will be decided in a little over two weeks.

2 Responses to “From 5th to 1st!”

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    I’m still mad at the Lions for beating the Carp back when I was at Hiroshima University in 1991. I skipped school for two days because someone had bleacher (GA) seats for the Japan Series games in Hiroshima and they invited me to camp out and go to the games with them. Great memories, but the Carp ended up losing to the Lions. And now they’re tearing down the old 広島市民球場, too.

  2. 2

    Is this my old ルームメイト Al writing? If so, I didn’t even know you went to Hiroshima University. We really need to get together one of these days and catch up. We’ll likely be in Utah for Christmas. Maybe we can hook up then.

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