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Japanese lanterns

If today’s picture looks a little familiar it is because a portion of it sometimes appears as the banner across the top of this blog.

To the foreign eye this photograph probably looks like a cool piece of Japan–lantern after lantern loaded with strange and unique Japanese characters. I wonder what it looks like to a Japanese person. What is written on these lanterns you ask? Business names. That’s right; this is just a wall of advertising. I find it to be more beautiful than American billboards, but maybe the Japanese look at it as an eyesore.

The location of these lanterns is near the entrance of a shopping street in Kyoto. Immediately behind the lanterns is a shrine. I’m guessing it is for the prosperity of the businesses that sponsor it. You can see some shimenawa and gohei if you look closely.

3 Responses to “Japanese lanterns”

  1. 1

    Great photo!
    You are right, the names are from businesses who donate money to the shrine in order to receive a blessing, and, I guess, this advertising. 😉

    I think I have a photo from a similar wall in Kyoto, but mine is much darker. I like how the surroundings are still well visible in your photo!

  2. 2

    Hello –
    My name is Amanda and I’m on staff with Campus Crusade for Christ, a non-profit organization, as a graphic designer. I am currently creating a website to encourage college students to travel abroad – one location being Japan. As I was researching and gathering inspiration online, I stumbled upon this beautiful paper lanterns photo and thought it would be a great shot to give students a visual of life in Japan. I’d like to ask your permission to use this photo on this website, would this be possible?

    Thanks, Amanda

  3. 3

    If you provide credit you may. For instance, if you say something like “photo from” then you can use it.

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