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Canon 15 x 45 IS Image Stabilizer Binoculars

The fire sale around here continues. 😉 I’ve been going through some things in an effort to reduce the amount of stuff we will be putting into storage when we move to Japan. I came across a nice pair of binoculars that I haven’t used in years. In fact, I never used these much.

Canon no longer makes the 15×45 IS Binoculars. They’ve done a minor upgrade with the Canon 18×50 Image Stabilization Binoculars which list for $1,600, but they can usually be found online for about $1,200.

I saw a pair of the 15×45 IS binoculars (which were probably used much more than my pair) go for $850 + shipping on ebay. If you are interested I’ll let these go for $750 including shipping to addresses in the U.S. A guy recently sold these same binoculars for $250 more than what I’m asking.

Included are the binoculars, shields for the lenses, neck strap, and the hard case–all original and all in outstanding condition. These binoculars freeze whatever you are looking at with the touch of a button. They are great for astronomy, viewing wildlife, and sporting events. I haven’t used them for anything else, but I’m sure there are many other applications. Spying perhaps?

Check out the online reviews of the Canon 15×45 IS Binoculars. You won’t find any unhappy owners.

Don’t let these beauties sit in storage. Take them off my hands, enjoy them, and put them to good use.

Specs from the Canon website:
– High-magnification (15x) binoculars with built-in image stabilizer.
– Ultra-low dispersion (UD) glass elements for outstanding image quality.
– Doublet field-flattener for sharp, distortion-free images from edge-to-edge.
– Water-resistant non-slip rubber coating for superior protection and secure handling.
– Long eye relief (15 mm), wide field of view (67 degrees).

3 Responses to “Canon 15 x 45 IS Image Stabilizer Binoculars”

  1. 1

    do u have to keep the IS button pressed down while using image stabilization; or u just click once and let go of the IS button and the image remains stabilized? thanks

  2. 2

    You hold it down while using IS. It’s very easy to do so as that is where your finger rests anyway.

  3. 3

    These binoculars have been sold. Sorry!

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