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Happiness jizo


You can seldom go a day in Japan without encountering a jizo, or six, or thousands. They usually are featured wearing a red bib. Jizo are associated with many things including peace, children, and safe traveling.

I spotted this jizo in front of a shop in Kyoto. The sign reads “Yorokobi wa fubyo no kusuri” which means something like “Happiness is the medicine for no sickness.”

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    I completely agree with what he says.

    I’m also glad for you that you found that Waseda Walker website. Sounds like a great blessing as you prepare for your big move. I hope you all enjoy your year there. My sister and her family have been in Japan for three years and despite the language barrier at the beginning, they seem to have adjusted quite well. I guess it helps that there’s a close expat community in Tokyo.

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