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Japan’s trains

seibu train line japan

Soon my kids will be riding the Yamanote-Sen from Takadanobaba to Tamachi on an almost daily basis. It won’t look much like the above. I took the above picture on the Seibu-Sen on our way to Tokorozawa, going in the opposite direction as the commuters, late in the morning. Some lines, for instance the Seibu Shinjuku Line arriving at Takadanobaba from Tokorozawa, are jammed to the max. Hopefully, getting on at Takadanobaba will be pretty decent since many people should be getting off there for Waseda University.

I don’t think we will regularly be encountering this:

2 Responses to “Japan’s trains”

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    Yeah, wow, empty seats in your picture! I encountered empty seats on a subway train exactly once on a Tokyo subway train: at 5am in the morning going home from Shibuya after a night out. Every other time, every seat was taken.

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    leif hagen:

    Great train interior shot! Reminds me of teaching in Japan and riding the trains all over again. Domo arigato gozaimashita! Kind regards from Eagan, Minnesota, USA