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Jaws at USJ

jaws ride usj osaka japan universal studios

As previously mentioned, you don’t want to spend a day at Universal Studios Japan in Osaka. You’ll spend tons of money to stand in lines.

The Jaws ride is less scary in pictures than it was in person (not that it was scary in person either). The best part of this ride was our boat operator, who was extremely animated. I was laughing at her antics, but not enough to make it worth the hour plus wait in line. If you don’t understand Japanese, though, you won’t be able to understand the captain of your boat so that will make it even less enjoyable.

Here is an analogy for you… Pretend you are Japanese for a moment. You come to the USA for the first time and go to a place less than an hour away from the Grand Canyon. Instead of going to see the Grand Canyon though, you decide to go to a sushi restaurant run by a Korean who charges you five times the normal price and then makes you wait for hours to eat the mediocre sushi. That is what it is like if you, as an American, go to Osaka (or Nara or Kyoto) and opt to spend one of your precious days at Universal Studios Japan.

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