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nihongoup nihongo up japanese learning game Nihongoup is a little program you can download for free to help you master hiragana, katakana, particles, and kanji on the JLPT 4 and JLPT 3 exams (the first few hundred). For $4.99 more you get practice exercises and JLPT 2 and JLPT 1 (I think). I haven’t actually paid the $4.99 so I’m not sure exactly what you get. The free program only works for 15 days.

The free download features games of balloons falling from the sky. You type in the correct pronunciation of the hiragana, katakana, or number of the correct kanji displayed in the balloon.

I figured out that to type ん you need to hit n twice. How do you type ぢ or づ? I tried ji and dzu but neither worked.

Overall I’d say this is a nice little trainer for beginners in the Japanese language. It doesn’t help much with writing, speaking, or listening though; mostly it is just character recognition practice.

2 Responses to “Nihongoup”

  1. 1

    ぢ = di
    づ = du

    If I remember correctly.

  2. 2

    That worked. Thanks!

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