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Back to the Hakone Open-Air Museum

hakone open air museum kids play structure

This work of art also doubles as a play structure for kids. Think of a McDonald’s play structure in the states that has been fused with a giant beehive from another futuristic planet. This work is entitled しゃぼん玉のお城 or “The Soap Bubble Castle” in English.

The sign says そとがわにのぼらないでください which, as you might guess, means “please don’t climb on the outside.” The placement of the signs, on the piece itself, is unfortunate. The signs sort of defeat the purpose of the art portion of the structure by breaking up the natural lines and symmetry.

Kids are free to explore the inside, just like at McDonald’s.

One Response to “Back to the Hakone Open-Air Museum”

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    leif hagen:

    WOW – very unusual and cooooool!!

    Please look at CDP’s newest blog from AFGHANISTAN:

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