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Electricity (power converter, adapters) for Japan

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Some of the most often asked questions on the travel Japan boards are “Will my electronic devices work in Japan?”, “Can I bring my hair dryer to Japan?”, “Do I need an outlet converter or adapter when traveling to Japan?” and other similar ones. The answer depends on where you are coming from and what you are bringing.

Japan’s electrical outlets work on 100V and either 50 or 60Hz. The outlets are two pronged like those in the US and Canada. Most devices (NiMH or camera battery chargers, AC adapters for laptop computers, games, small appliances, etc.) will run and plug in just fine in Japan if you purchased them in North America. To be sure check the back. I’ve shown a few examples in the photo above. Notice that all four items (computer AC adapter, DS game AC adapter, rechargeable battery charger, and camera battery charger) were made in China for both Japanese and North American consumers. North America works on a slightly higher volts 110V instead of 100V in Japan. Even if your device says 110V-240V it should work fine at 100V.

Hair dryers may not heat up well in Japan if they are made to work at 110V or 125V. If you are going to be in Japan for an extended period of time you may want to purchase your hair dryer there. They can be had for under $20. In addition to possibly functioning better, it will be one less thing you have to cram into your suitcase.

If you are going to Japan from a high voltage country (Australia, Europe, China, etc.) then you will need a converter for some devices. You will also need a plug adapter.

One final note, three prong plugs are less common in Japan than they are in Canada and the USA.

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