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Toilet slippers

toilet slippers

“In the night I made the beginner’s lavatory mistake. Whatever the style of Japanese lavatory–whether Western or the traditional hole in the floor–you never go into it wearing the same pair of slippers that you wear along the corridors. Another pair of slippers–often helpfully marked ‘lavatory’–is laid out for you there, and you change into them as you enter. The beginner’s lavatory mistake is this: stumbling half-pissed into a hole-in-the-floor-type lavatory at night, he kicks one of the lavatory slippers down the hole. This, I suppose, happens fairly regularly, but for a veteran of seven years to commit this blunder was an immediately sobering embarrassment. In fact, it was so embarrassing to be left hopping about in a single lavatory slipper that I kicked that down the hole to follow the first. My plan was to disclaim all knowledge of the slippers so that the maid would be accused of having forgotten to lay them out. This, I congratulated myself, was a cast-iron defense, but in the searing light of morning it struck me that I might well be resorting unawares to an instantly recognizable ‘beginner’s lavatory feeble ploy,’ so I avoided not only the downstairs guests but the entire domestic staff as well.”

(Alan Booth in The Roads to Sata p. 88)

2 Responses to “Toilet slippers”

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    That is a good story. I too have a Japanese toilet story. While sitting on my in-laws toilet, I accidentally touched one of the buttons on the side of the toilet and water started spraying up my you know what. I frantically pushed unreadable buttons while covering the stream with my hand until I hit the right button and it stopped.

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    leif hagen:

    Luckily, I never made a huge blunder with the potty slippers! Your photo did make me laugh about the memory of living in Gero, Japan! Genki de ne!