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Hakone Sushi

hakone night life Even though Hakone is loaded with tourists, many doing the Hakone loop during the day, by night the place becomes a ghost town. Very few of the few restaurants remain open as most tourists eat in their lodgings. We walked past this sushi place (すし処 means sushi place and はげ八 is the name of this restaurant in Hakone Yumoto) on our way back to our hotel.

Reflecting on this picture now, as we prepare to head back to Japan, I can see how much my kids have grown in just two years. My son is now as tall as my wife.

2 Responses to “Hakone Sushi”

  1. 1

    Lovely reflection. Did you enjoy the sushi?

  2. 2

    Kids always grow faster than you think.
    My son was a foot taller than me before I knew it.

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