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Loudpark 2009

LOUDPARK 2009 japan A few weeks back I went to the website of my favorite Japanese band, Outrage. I wanted to see if they have been up to anything recently or if they were even possibly touring Japan after I get there (next week!). They aren’t touring, BUT they are playing a single gig that I was previously unaware of, Loud Park, a festival that is just a short train ride away from my future apartment.

The festival lineup features only one other band that I’ve been longing to see that I haven’t witnessed live previously, Arch Enemy from Sweden. There are some other good bands playing that I have seen several times before like Judas Priest, Megadeth, and Slayer. The rest of the time I’ll figure out some way to rest and enjoy the madness of way too many people crammed into the place.

Getting a ticket turned out to be much easier than expected given that I wasn’t in Japan when they went on sale. A complete stranger on Facebook purchased one for me. Thank you Ayaka!

Stay tuned for a couple of months to get my report. While the lineup isn’t as impressive as Metaltown 2008, maybe they will add another great band or two before the big weekend.

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