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MagicJack update


Since last posting about magicJack I’ve actually had the chance to use the magicJack USB device on a daily basis. Initially I was really excited. Then there were some problems, but now my hopes have been bolstered, somewhat, again.

The problems:
– Sometimes incoming calls wouldn’t connect. I had this happen three times on the second day I was using it full time. One time I was the caller. The incoming calls were coming from different places so it wasn’t a problem on the other end. This hasn’t happened since.
– Initially there was lots of static on my calls. Once I removed the cable connecting the magicJack to the USB port (the USB extension cord pictured here), the static disappeared.
– An echo or lag sometimes happens. This is heard more by the person on the other end than the caller on the magicJack end.

The possible solutions:
– I think the first problem was solved by a reboot of the computer.
– Don’t use the cable to connect your magicJack to your USB port. Connect the magicJack directly into the USB port.
– I believe the echos and lags occur because of an upload speed that is too slow. Something I have done that has made this better, if not made for perfectly clear calls in most cases, is the following.

1. Go to an internet speed test site like this one: Test your speed and write down your results.
2. Download TCPOptimizer.exe from here: and run the program. Move the Connection Speed slider bar to the far right. Click on “Optimal settings” and then hit “Apply changes.” Reboot.
3. Run the internet speed test again and see if your results aren’t better. My test results weren’t much better, but my phone calls using magicJack seem clearer with less echo and lag on the other person’s end.

Is my magicJack connection crystal clear and perfect in the US yet? No. I’m hoping with a better connection in Japan it will work better. I’ll let you know soon. Until then, I’ve got my fingers crossed.

3 Responses to “MagicJack update”

  1. 1

    What is TCPOptimizer.exe?

  2. 2
    John V:

    Magic Jack is Great. Nothing is perfect but MJ comes close with all it does for less than $20 a year. I have had my phone down twice were the DSL was still working so MJ worked and my regular phone did not. Only once was MJ down and that was the early days were they were working on it.

  3. 3

    Magic Jack works fine in Japan now, both receiving and placing calls. The faster the internet connection speed the better the connection. My father, also in Japan, using ISDN connection, did not have much success with Magic Jack.

    BTW, it is cheaper to call a cell phone using MagicJack from Japan via a USA number than it is to make a call to a cell phone in Japan from cell or land line. Strange world.

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