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Tokyo Observer

tokyo observer Leighton Willgerodt Tokyo Observer by Leighton Willgerodt is a 20-year old book with timeless information about Japan. The writing style is very conversational and you may end up reading the whole thing in one sitting. The “chapters” are reprints from newspaper articles Willgerodt wrote in the late 1980s about Japanese culture, customs, and language. He had lived in Japan for more than a decade at the time.

The last third or fourth of the book is about other parts of Asia. I didn’t find it as interesting, probably because I haven’t lived in those areas. The first hundred pages or so are fantastic though. I highly recommend this to someone going to spend an extended period of time in Japan. Tokyo Observer is a fun, quick read that will keep you entertained as it prevents you from making some common gaijin mistakes. You’ll pick up more than a few Japanese words along the way too.

If your library doesn’t have it you can pick it up through the above link for about a dollar.

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    like your site… it’s all about tokyo and more…

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