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Tenso Jinja Matsuri – Part 2

mikoshi pilot air traffic controller

Every time the mikoshi was scheduled to stop somewhere, a guy would appear on a box and begin directing it in to its parking space like someone helping an airplane into the proper gate.

japanese grandpa with his twin grandkids

At the end of the day a speech was made which included the admonition to continue these traditions by including the ever-shrinking population of Japanese children in them.

shinto ceremony during omikoshi

At the first rest spot a Shinto ceremony took place. I wasn’t quite close enough to hear what was said.

I’ll leave you with a video I took from the first night’s festival. This was my first real video with my TZ7. I’ve been a bit underwhelmed by the quality of photos the TZ7 has been taking, but this video came out much better than I was anticipating. Not only were the lighting conditions horrible, but I was far from the stage. However, the sound and video are both very good.

One Response to “Tenso Jinja Matsuri – Part 2”

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    You can zoom with your TZ7 when you’r filming? Now I’m jealous! My SX200 doesn’t have this feature normally, so I’ll have to wait until the custom CHDK firmware fixes this. But it doesn’t stop there, the CHDK firmware gives me other options, that your TZ7 doesn’t have, yay. 😉

    The video is really great, and so are the pictures! Thanks for sharing!

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