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Halloween – Hello Kitty Magic Pumpkin

hello kitty pumpkin

I have never seen so many pumpkins and Halloween decorations as I have this past month and a half in Japan. There was nothing even remotely Halloweenish 20 years ago in this country. Now Halloween is everywhere. Maybe 20 years from now there will be pilgrims and turkeys all over the place in November? I doubt it, but I certainly wouldn’t have predicted Halloween’s current Japanese fate back in 1989.

2 Responses to “Halloween – Hello Kitty Magic Pumpkin”

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    aoi neko:

    I think Halloween is a holiday that I can see different cultures taking to. In Japan, revering the spirits, dressing up, and sweets are all a part of the culture. In a way it’s not too suprising aspects of Halloween are catching on there. And it’s a fun holiday so it’s nice to see that!

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