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Mt. Mitake Hike – Part 2 (Kori Station to Mt. Otsuka)

thatched roof building near kori station 古里駅

Before actually getting on the trail, the road from Kori Station (古里駅) to the dirt path is very scenic.

fall colors in japan near tokyo

There are thatched-roof houses, small farms, and colors galore.

japanese mountains farms kori tokyo japan okutama nishitama

After turning to the right, you will begin to climb. The views don’t last long as after a few hundred steps you will be in the trees for at least a couple of hours.

ellie at crossroads kori station 古里駅 mt. mitake road sign

If you can’t read kanji, and are doing this hike without a Japanese person with you, you’ll want a list of what a few dozen kanji mean. The trails are well marked for the most part, but you can easily get lost if you take a wrong turn. The signs don’t have any romaji on them. There are many junctions, some going off in more than a half dozen different directions.

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