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Beijing 北京

After two weeks in China I’m glad to be back “home” in Tokyo. Let’s back up a bit to my first photo of China…

Snow had covered everything but flights didn’t seem too affected.

The contrasts between the snow and everything else made things a bit more interesting than the normal, smoggy haze.

The Beijing airport is huge. I took a train after passing through immigration just to get to the luggage claim. Then I took another to get to the terminal where my connecting flight was. I wandered far and wide to try to get the free internet advertised but failed in the end.

I had come from Haneda Airport in Tokyo to Beijing, where I changed planes for Zhengzhou (郑州). Despite the snow in Beijing, all was warm and cozy in the airport.

This plane’s design looked more fitting for a tarmac in Hawaii than Beijing on this day.

I was a little bit surprised to find myself the only non-Chinese person on the plane from Beijing to Zhengzhou. I had no idea that the last non-Chinese faces I would see for two weeks would basically be those I saw in the Beijing airport. I was introduced to two, short-term, visiting faculty (one from the UK and one from New Zealand) like myself, but, other than them, I didn’t see a single non-Chinese for two weeks.

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    Looks very surreal, yet amazingly beautiful. Wishing that the people down on the ground have a nice day.