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Japanese Booth Babes

Cute girls in Japan are not a scarce commodity. At trade shows they specialize in having their pictures taken with the product.

In Japanese they are called イベントコンパニオン or “Event Companion.” That almost sounds like a term given for an escort. I suppose it is more classy sounding than the most common English term of “Booth Babe” though.

Back in the day, when everyone didn’t bring a camera to trade shows and car shows, they were to attract attention to the booth. They still fill that role, but they spend most of the day posing for photos now.

Some amateur photographers were taking dozens of photos of a single girl in just as many different poses.

mutant girls squad

Mutant Girls Squad?

They seemed quite happy to strike several different poses for someone who wasn’t paying them to be a model.

Such is the life of a promotional model at the Tokyo International Anime Fair.

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