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Kofu Castle (aka Maizuru Castle Park or 甲府城)

manzoin kofu

After all of the festivities at Takeda Jinja I planned to catch a bus down to the station to walk Kofu’s shopping district streets for the first time in ages. However, the bus was so loaded with people thinking the same thing that I opted to walk back down Takeda Dori. The other people at the bus stop went the sardine route.

I purchased a bento on Takeda Dori and ate it at a deserted shrine closer to the bottom of the hill. A bit farther along was an empty temple (pictured above) called Manzoin (満蔵院). Manzoin doesn’t appear to be well cared for at the moment.

The streets of Kofu seem to have changed in the past couple decades as I don’t remember the bridge that goes over the tracks being there. The top photo in yesterday’s blog entry is from the new bridge.

Maizuru Castle Park or 甲府城 japanese

Instead of heading for the shopping area, I was drawn to Maizuru Castle Park (舞鶴城公園), just over the bridge, which is extremely different than it was in the 1980s. I remember the place as a fairly small park with some cherry trees. Now it is a partially reconstructed castle, sometimes called the Kofu Castle.

kofu yamanashi ken japan

Most of the buildings and fortress walls are new, or at least I think they are new. I don’t remember them.

信玄公祭り castle remains kofu japan

Great views of Kofu and Mt. Fuji can be had from the top. These banners are advertising the Shingenko Matsuri (信玄公祭り or Takeda Shingen Festival). The irony is that Kofu’s original castle was built after Takeda Shingen was dead. Shingen died in 1573. The castle was built in 1583 by Tokugawa Ieyasu after he defeated Shingen’s son in battle. Needless to say, Takeda Shingen never flew banners from the top of it. But they looked pretty cool on this evening anyway.

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