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Hakone hike

japanese tea fields

Hike #21 in Day Walks Near Tokyo is called Myojo Peak (明星ヶ岳). Rainy season had just begun and after several days of rain there was a break in the action so I headed to Hakone. The day was incredibly hot and humid. I haven’t sweat so much in a single outing, ever. I brought twice my usual amount of water but could have used much more. More on the hike in a later entry.

Today’s pic is from near the start, just a little way past Miyaginobashi (宮城野橋) bus stop. Those are green tea fields in the foreground and Sounzan (早雲山) and Hakoneyama (箱根山) in the background.

2 Responses to “Hakone hike”

  1. 1

    this is stunningly beautiful

  2. 2

    I visited the Hakone area but not by hiking. However, I would love to get out there on foot. I know about that sweating…boy, is it humid over there this time of year! I carried a washrag with me everywhere for mopping up on the run…geez!

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