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Japanese Garden

I have spent the past few days in Seattle. I’ll post some photos on my other blog over the next week or two if you are interested.

The photo above is of the Japanese Garden on the edge of Washington Park. I couldn’t actually go in the Japanese Garden as it is closed in December and January, but I took a walk around it and took this photo through a fence at a distance. The sky was gray and this isn’t the best time of year for such a place, but I bet it is beautiful in spring and fall.

2 Responses to “Japanese Garden”

  1. 1
    Japan Australia:

    Beautiful picture of the Japanese Garden. I guess there would be many Japanese Gardens around the world.
    When I was in Japan I managed to visit 2/3 of the famous Japanese Gardens in Okayama and Kanazawa.
    They inspired me greatly and it is my dream one day to built a Japanese Garden at my home in Australia.

  2. 2

    I went to the one in Kanazawa too. Someday I’ll get pictures of it up on the site.

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