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Takadanobaba’s Chindonya (チンドン屋)

Chindonya (Japanese marching band) are sometimes outside of the Takadanobaba Station in Tokyo. I haven’t seen them do much marching, but they do make a lot of music. They advertise the opening of new Pachinko Parlors. They may look a little bored in the photo above, but when they are noticed (and I’m sure they are with great regularity), they can be as happy as the people who do the noticing.

The video below is not one I took, but it will give you an idea of what they sound like.

2 Responses to “Takadanobaba’s Chindonya (チンドン屋)”

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    Now I know what they are,thank you.

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    Japan Australia:

    An interesting looking bunch of people and very colourful. I love Japan because it is never dull and is full of surprises!!