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@Japan_Blogs is back

One of the first things I ever followed on Twitter was Japan_Blogs way back in 2008. For some reason Japan_Blogs stopped working for a month or two, but now it appears to be back in business. With about 24,000 followers I’m sure I wasn’t the only one who missed it. My blog is one of the blogs listed in Japan_Blogs which means I’m now getting an extra few hundred hits a day with its revival. I doubt they are taking new blogs. It isn’t even possible to communicate with the owner as far as I can tell.

Anyway, there are a couple other blogs not listed on Japan_Blogs which I also follow and you may enjoy too.

Chuchai’s Baruto Mania

Today’s photo is of a very crowded Heiwa Street in Kofu. I must have walked this street thousands of times during my eight months in Kofu. The reason for the masses on this occasion was they were all waiting for the Takeda Shingen Parade to begin.

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