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More Sakura Haiku

sakura haiku kanda river tokyo


Here is another of the sakura haiku along the Kanda River in Tokyo. This one reads yoakemae, sakuranoshitawa, baka bakari and means, “Before the dawn, beneath the cherry blossoms, nothing but idiots.” There are a couple of funny things about this one.

Without experiencing a nighttime hanami (flower viewing party) it is difficult to grasp just how crazy these parties can become. Nearly everyone is beyond intoxicated. Hence the “idiots” reference. The other thing about this haiku is the play on words. “Baka” means “idiot” and “bakari” means “only” or “nothing but”. Saying them back to back has a ring of “super idiot” since it starts out “bakabaka”. “Bakabakashii” is actually the adjective form of “baka”.

Anyway, seeing this sign brought a smile to my face. I’m guessing the author (あゆぞう which may have a meaning of its own that I’m not aware of) lives nearby and has to put up with the nightly noise that goes on for more than a week during cherry blossom viewing season.

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