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Studentereksamen season

party in farm truck copenhagen denmark

During late June, students graduate from gymnasium (high school), get in these farm trucks, put on sailor-type hats, grab their favorite noise makers (whistles, horns, etc.), get extremely drunk, and drive around Copenhagen (and all of Scandinavia I hear) making as much noise as possible. Pretty much any time of day or night the sounds from these trucks can be heard. The loud parties only last for a few days, but the sailor hats will remain on the new graduates throughout the summer. They wear them with pride.

gymnasium exams over time to party

People honk at the trucks and pedestrians cheer as they pass by making the scene an even louder one.

high school graduation parties scandinavia

I have heard that they stop at each of the student’s homes to get food and more booze, but I haven’t actually seen the trucks stop anywhere.

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