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The Church of Our Saviour (Vor Frelser Kirke) in Christianshavn

vor frelser kirke copenhagen denmark

One of the places we didn’t get a chance to visit the first time we were in Copenhagen was Vor Frelser Kirke, a famous church in Christianshavn. Once I had a bike, I made it my first stop.

The Church of Our Saviour is easily recognizable because of its gold, corkscrew spire which has had a continual line of tourists walking up it for 250+ years.

copenhagen denmark aerial view from the sky

I went up as soon as it opened so there were few around, allowing me to take photos like this overlooking Copenhagen. By the time I was ready to go down, though, I had to wait for dozens of people to come out of the narrow passage before I could descend. There are far more steps to get to the top than I anticipated. The interior of the bell tower (carillon) can be easily viewed as you make your way up the tower. I imagine the sound is deafening if you happen to be going up or down while the bells are ringing.

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