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Accept at Getaway Rock Festival

Mark Tornillo and Wolf Hoffmann

Mark Tornillo and Wolf Hoffmann of Accept

25 years ago, perhaps to the day, I had a ticket to see Accept open for Dio in the summer of 1986. The concert was cancelled and so that experience never happened. Accept faded from view; Dio died. I had seen Dio a few years earlier while I was in high school, but I never got to see Accept.

I never thought for a moment that 25 years later I would witness Accept in Sweden from the base of the stage. This was fun–a lot of fun.

accept german band getaway rock festival grf


getaway rock festival 2011 accept

Wolf Hoffmann of Accept

Wolf Hoffmann was full of energy, faces, and smiles all night long. He looked about half his years, and the crowd loved his enthusiasm.

Herman Frank of Accept

Herman Frank of Accept

Herman Frank, Accept’s “other guitarist”, has only been with the band when they were at their IMO best (Restless and Wild, Balls to the Wall, and now). He was hurt (four broken ribs and a punctured lung) in a stage fall just a couple months before. This may have been his first show back in action.

Peter Baltes and Wolf Hoffmann

Wolf Hoffmann and Peter Baltes

Peter Baltes, on bass, is the only other constant member of Accept, along with Wolf Hoffmann.

2 Responses to “Accept at Getaway Rock Festival”

  1. 1

    Saw Accept at my very first concert. I think it was spring of ’84. It was Accept/Aldo Nova/Blue Oyster Cult triple bill at the Fox theater in Atlanta. I remember “Balls to the Wall,” Aldo was great, BOC was kinda weird, and there was a TON of pot smoke in that place.

  2. 2

    What a gas! I was at that show at the Fox here in Atlanta, March 23, 1984. Me and my buddy smoked a fatty the size of my thumb, so that may have been what you smelled. BOC fucking rocked!

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