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F.C. København

copenhagen football soccer

F.C. København scores a goal against Odense

My second trip to an FCK soccer game was even better than the first. This time we sat in a more serious and crowded part of the stadium.

The weather was really poor, but it wasn’t wet, windy, or cold once we got inside Parken in Copenhagen. It was wet, windy, and cold on the outside of the stadium, and it took us nearly an hour to get in with all of the security. I don’t think I’ve ever experienced such a full pat down before.

When we went to purchase tickets, we were asked if we wanted to sit with the regulars or the “crazy people.” Of course, we went for the crazy people. So when the match began and our section sat there drinking their beers and smoking their pot it seemed like the section of regulars were far more crazy. We commented to each other on this and the guy in front of us must have heard. After the first half, he stood up and told us that the second half would be a whole different story. He then left, never to return.

The second half was crazy. Constant singing, chanting, fist pumping, etc. kept us on our feet the entire time. The video below is a small sample of the last hour or so. It doesn’t quite capture the feeling (and smell of marijuana), but it gives you a bit of a taste of Danish Superliga.

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