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Tokyo sunset with crescent moon and Mt. Fuji

mount fuji sunset tokyo crescent moon 富士山 夕焼け 三日月

Mt. Fuji (富士山) is on the right of this photo in the distance. The building in the center with the tall smokestack is the Meguro Incinerator. One of these days I’ll have to tell you about the incinerator tour I went on in Japan.

Some Japanese vocabulary for those of you learning Japanese at the moment…

sunset = yuuyake = 夕焼け (literally: evening burn)
crescent moon = mikazuki = 三日月 (literally: three day moon)

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6 Responses to “Tokyo sunset with crescent moon and Mt. Fuji”

  1. 1
    Reid Higley:

    Hello, this is Reid Higley from Ashland High school. I am in yearbook class right now and I need photos of the boys JV soccer team. I noticed you had some good ones on your blog and I was wondering if I can use a couple of them for the page I am working on. Your blog will be credited also. Thank you so much

  2. 2

    No problem, Reid, if you credit Ashland Daily Photo.

    There are also some of volleyball and football:

    and softball:

    Be sure to click on an image and save the larger version for use in the yearbook.

  3. 3
    Simon Lee:

    Hi, the shot is spectacular and i am interested to post it into my facebook page (

    Please let me know if you prefer to link to this page or the main page of this blog?

    Simon Lee

  4. 4

    Either way is fine, Simon. Thanks.

  5. 5
    Simon Lee:

    Hi Acase, thanks for the approval, have just posted onto the page:)


  6. 6

    Was touched by a passage in “Johnny Got His Gun” and searched for sunrises to put with it. Found yours. credited.