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Views from Amsterdam’s canals

amsterdam canal tour marijuana places to buy coffeeshop

While on an Amsterdam canal cruise tour I took today’s top photo of some Dutch buildings. I think the tour guide was describing the details at the top of each building. The building on the right, by the way, is a “Coffeeshop.” I’m not sure if you can really buy coffee there or not. The main item on the menus in Amsterdam’s coffee shops is marijuana–all perfectly legal.

Anyway, back to the tops of these buildings…

amsterdam houses hooks called hijsbalk rope and pulley

At the top of Amsterdam’s houses you will notice hooks suspended near the top called hijsbalk. With the use of a rope and pulley the Dutch can hoist large, heavy items in and out of their homes rather than have to try and haul them up their steep, narrow staircases.

While scanning the buildings to find examples of this system I came across this one…

amsterdam heart window bra underwear panties

One Response to “Views from Amsterdam’s canals”

  1. 1
    Het Grachtenhuis Amsterdam:

    Very nice shots!
    And if you like to see more check out the website of the museum of the Amsterdam canals.

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