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Tokyo Skytree opens today

tokyo skytree from rainbow bridge

Today is the long-awaited opening of the Tokyo Skytree. With the high demand to check out Tokyo from the top, you would have had to have won a lottery months ago to ascend the Skytree this week. Supposedly, you can get a ticket a bit easier beginning in mid-July. In any case, admission isn’t cheap. Look to pay between 2,000 and 3,500 yen (> $40 US) to check out the view from the Tokyo Skytree.

I took today’s photo a couple years before the Skytree was completed from the Rainbow Bridge. You can see the under-construction Skytree to the far right in this pic.

One Response to “Tokyo Skytree opens today”

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    Yeah, I am so excited for that. I have been to Tokyo Tower, and it was amazing. Next time I visit Japan, I will definitely go to the Skytree.

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