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Ogimachi Village (荻町集落)

Ogimachi Village 荻町集落

Ogimachi from the Shiroyama Viewpoint (城山展望台から荻町集落)

Ogimachi in Shirakawago is most famous for its look in winter. But in just one month the rice paddies will be long, green, and beautiful. Another good thing about visiting in July is, due to the high altitude, Shirakawago can be cooler than the rest of a hot and humid summer in Japan. For best results, make a reservation to stay at a gasshozukuri weeks in advance and plan your stay for a weeknight as it can get crowded on the weekends.

One Response to “Ogimachi Village (荻町集落)”

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    Japan Australia:

    One of my favourite places in Japan. It is beautiful in the summer green and also love it in winter when all white.

    Japan Australia