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Corrosion of Conformity

heavy metal concert photos nikon d7000 18-200mm lens

While I was getting into metal bands in the 1980s, COC was a punk band so I never got into them. Although I came to like Suicidal Tendencies, who crossed over from punk to metal, I suppose I never heard enough of COC once they made the switch to metal to come to appreciate them.

At the Getaway Rock Festival, where I took today’s photos, I was so tired when COC hit the stage that this wasn’t the best of opportunities to fall in love. Instead, I headed for my hotel halfway through their set in order to take a nap. I made it back to the festival just in time for Ghost.

COC Mike Dean bass vocals

COC Woody Weatherman guitar getaway rock festival gavle sweden 2011

Woody Weatherman of COC

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