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Nikon D600 with free $700 lens and more!

nikon d600 f2.8 lenses

Nikon D600 with the “Holy Trinity” of Nikkor lenses

Nikon is running a special on the D600. Yesterday was the first day and it runs until December 29 if you want to make this purchase and save $700. I wish I had waited, but it has been fun using the D600 for the past month.

Basically, you get the Nikon D600 with a $700 lens for the normal D600 price without a lens. You also get a free camera bag, 2% back, a 32 GB SD card, and a $100 Amazon Class on Demand card. If you were thinking about buying the D600, buy it now as this package will increase in price by $700 soon.

My outfit pictured above with f/2.8 lenses is with different lenses than that offered in this package deal. I would have sold the 24-85mm lens, but that isn’t difficult to do for near full price on Craigslist or ebay.

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