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Bento Lunch

Nikon 20mm f/2.8 NIKKOR AI-s bento lunch Misoya Bistro asahi super dry beer

Misoya Bistro – Medford, Oregon

I picked up a couple of used, manual Nikon lenses in Medford this morning from a Craigslist ad. I purchased them mainly because I have fun playing with new lenses, and the price was right. The one I used for this photo of my “Japanese” lunch is a Nikon 20mm f/2.8 AI-s lens. It weighs about 25% as much as my 14-24mm and is much smaller. I will take this (or my 24mm prime) along when going on a hike or bike ride instead of my much larger and heavier zooms.

Why did I put Japanese in quotes? Because all of the “Japanese” restaurants (other than 武蔵スシバー Musashi Sushi Bar & Japanese Cuisine in Grants Pass) in Southern Oregon are run by non-Japanese with non-Japanese cooks and with foods that only partly look and taste Japanese.

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    Looks yummy. And more like American portion size, the more the better in this case!

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