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Omar Vizquel

omar vizquel toronto blue jays 2012

Omar Vizquel

I meant to post something about Omar Vizquel near the end of the 2012 baseball season, just before he retired, but I forgot that I had watched him play twice (once in Oakland and once in Boston) last year until this photo came up as my random, desktop image of the day.

Omar is actually older than me. With his retirement I became older than every active MLB player which makes me feel very old. As a kid I remember thinking how old the players all were. Now they all seem so young. What happened?

Vizquel had some great years between 1992 and 2006, winning 11 Gold Gloves during that stretch. He finished his career with nearly 3,000 hits and over 400 stolen bases.

Today’s photo was taken at Boston’s Fenway Park during its 100-year anniversary year.

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