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Naeso Temple (내소사) Tea House

korea naeso temple tea house

Tea House @ Korea’s Naeso Temple with the peaks of Byeonsan-bando (변산반도국립공원) in the background

This weekend I’m heading to Busan for the first time. Last weekend I went on my first (and sadly only as the next one is after I am gone) GIC Culture Tour to Buan/Byeonsan-bando National Park. If you are ever in Gwangju, make sure to see if the GIC (Gwangju International Center) is doing a tour. They usually do one a month, and you probably have to book weeks in advance as they quickly fill up. I got on the waitlist and was let on the tour just a few days before it happened. The GIC tours are very affordable and well done. I’ve been on tours elsewhere (Italy, Hawaii, Portland, Japan, Thailand) that cost three to five times as much for a similar experience.

Today’s photo is from a building on the Naeso Temple grounds where we enjoyed cold mulberry leaf tea the region is famous for.

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