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PhoBay – Korean chain

phobay vietnamese noodles soup gwangju korea

Pho Bay Vietnamese noodle soup in Gwangju

In the bus terminal in Gwangju there are many restaurants. Just like the rest of town, though, many of them specialize in menu items for two or more people. The Chinese restaurant didn’t seem to have anything for an individual. So I went with some Vietnamese noodle soup instead. This pho was surprisingly good. You can’t really see it in the photo, above, but the soup was loaded with rice noodles and two different kinds of beef. The broth was just right too. I went back a week later and was mildly disappointed with the beef Pad Thai I ordered. It didn’t look at all like the picture in the menu, and it didn’t taste anything like any Pad Thai I had ever eaten. I may go back, but if I do I’ll go with another pho. I also noticed a PhoBay (Pho Bay?) on the top story of the Lotte Department store in Gwangju. I think you can find PhoBays all over Korea.

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