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Freshly made udon noodles

 丸亀製麺 marugame seimen udon kofu handmade

Marugame seimen (丸亀製麺) udon (near) Kofu, Japan


Marugame udon shops are all over Japan these days. The first one was created fairly recently (21st Century), and now there are more than 500. We ate at one near the Shinokubo Station (新大久保駅) in Tokyo several times when we lived in Japan in 2009 and 2010. Today’s photo comes from one on the road between Kofu and Kai in Yamanashi Prefecture.

The concept for these restaurants combines fast food, with fresh food, and low prices. No wonder they have been so successful. The noodles are made right in front of the customers lining up. Customers choose the toppings, also freshly made on the premises, and pay at the end of the line in sort of a cafeteria style.

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