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Kashima Honkan Fukuoka Ryokan

kashima honkan fukuoka ryokan

Kashima Honkan (Ryokan in Fukuoka, Japan )

This was the place I stayed at in Fukuoka. The price was very reasonable and the description of rustic ryokan seemed interesting. It was far from the nicest ryokan I’ve stayed in, but it definitely came through on the rustic part. This place is old by Japan standards, where most buildings are torn down and completely rebuilt every few decades. My room was large and fairly clean, but some things in the place still kind of felt like they could have used a deep cleaning. You may notice some permanent stains on things that should probably be replaced.

The location is fantastic. This place is a stone’s throw from the famous Kushida Shrine. You won’t have to walk far to get to Fukuoka’s night life, Shofukuji, or Yatai from Kashima Honkan (鹿島本館).

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