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Kyuji Fujikawa (藤川 球児)

kyuji fujikawa chicago cubs

Kyuji Fujikawa of the 2014 Chicago Cubs (Coors Field, Denver, Colorado)

While visiting Coors Field for the first time last year, I wondered why more than half of the photo pit was filled with Japanese photographers. I wasn’t aware of any Japanese players on either team, but that probably has more to do with my lack of interest in the National League than anything else. When Kyuji (literally “baseball child”) came trotting in from the bullpen, the photographers went crazy.

After an excellent career in Japan (196 saves and a 1.77 ERA), Kyuji hasn’t done much in MLB. He had a 5.04 ERA in two seasons with the Cubs (although he pitched in only 25 innings total–I bet the Cubs wish they hadn’t wasted $9.5M on him). He is on the DL for the Texas Rangers this year. Texas will pay him $1.1 million this season.

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    Love this shot.

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