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Yob’s Mike Scheidt

yob wow hall mike scheidt


Yob’s most recent release (2014’s Clearing the Path to Ascend) was named best metal album of the year by Rolling Stone. To be perfectly honest, it is probably the best album of this decade by anyone, period. They played three songs off of it a couple weeks ago in Eugene. That may not sound like much, but the three songs clocked in at over 45 minutes total (and Yob played “Ball of Molten Lead”–another 10+ minute tune–off The Illusion Of Motion as well). I was amazed. The sound was so good. Everything was so tight and perfect. The only “problem” with their set was I used up nearly all of the endorphins my body is capable of producing, leaving myself in a bit of a listless state for Agalloch’s set to follow.

The first time I saw Yob live was 2008 (or early in 2009–I can’t remember) at Ashland’s Stillwater (now Club 66). I’m hoping they return to play Club 66 to a full house one day soon.

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