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voivod Oakland Metro

Voivod @ Oakland Metro (February 2015)

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Voivod is playing in Eugene this Thursday (6/9/16). I was thinking about making the drive to see them and then bring my son home from school. But he has a final on Friday, a car of his own, and he’s not coming home for another month, so I think I will skip them this go around as six hours of driving (especially on the way home after midnight) doesn’t sound so fun. The other reason being that I’m seeing dozens of great bands in just a few weeks in Scandinavia so I don’t feel like I need to fill my concert tank quite so much. I do love Voivod, though, and hope to see them again. Maybe a Southern Oregon show next time fellas?

One of the summer festivals I was planning to go to was Bravalla in Sweden. However, they have been slow to get back to me about a photo pass so I’m going to go to Roskilde instead. No Rammstein or Volbeat, but I will see Ghost, Gojira, Sumac, Neil Young, etc. (and not have to get a hotel room).

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