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Singing in the rain

Are we having fun yet?

I was jetlagged; I was tired; I was wet. This was about my last shot of the evening on day one of Copenhell before I hightailed it out of there. I got more wet on my bike ride home, much more wet in fact, and lightning struck all around me in flashes and bolts. It was pretty spectacular at times. Riding past the Rundetaarn as lightning was reflecting off its windows was particularly memorable.

Had I been in a better mood I probably would have stuck it out. What got me in a bad mood? Strange I know, but it was not just the rain.

I love it when a band has really good intro music or the song they play over the PA just before going on is great. Take Iron Maiden. You know they are about to hit the stage when UFO’s “Doctor Doctor”, a fantastic song, comes on. I think King Diamond had Black Sabbath playing before he went on the next night. Megadeth had something cool too, but I can’t remember what it was now. Anyway, before the Scorpions went on stage Metallica’s “Enter Sandman” came on the PA. What a crappy song. The skies opened up at that point as if to piss on Metallica’s demise. My mood was worsening. Then the Scorpions came on about 10 minutes late which meant standing in a downpour for 10 minutes more than had they been on time. Finally, they opened with a lame song like “Going Out With A Bang”. Had they opened with something good and played something other than 90s Metallica before that, I probably could have pressed on through the rain. But I wasn’t looking forward to their ballads from the 90s or any more new songs either so I left to the sound of “The Zoo”.

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