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High on Fire @ 2017 Roskilde Festival

roskilde festival high on fire

High on Fire @ Roskilde Festival

@HighonFireBand @orangefeeling ‏#rf17

One of my favorite bands, and from my hometown, I can’t believe I had to travel halfway around the world to Denmark to see them for the first time! High on Fire was cursed with a ridiculous 1 a.m. start time and no other metal acts on the bill for that day (the prior day actually) after 8 p.m. They still put on a fantastic set. I had to boogie on back to Copenhagen after their performance and teach after just a few hours of sleep.

roskilde festival high on fire jeff matz

Jeff Matz

roskilde festival high on fire des kensel

Des Kensel

roskilde festival high on fire matt pike

Matt Pike

 roskilde festival high on fire

Crowd surfing offering made to High on Fire at the Avalon Stage

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