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Nervosa @ Sage Club (Berlin, Germany)

sage club berlin nervosa Fernanda Lira

Fernanda Lira

@nervosathrash @NapalmRecords

I accidentally got double booked for Thursday evening in Berlin. The good news was Nervosa went on after Marillion and Berlin’s public transportation is rather efficient. So after Marillion I jumped on the U to go see Nervosa at Sage Club, the first live venue I’ve been to that features a fire-breathing dragon. The place was a trip. Check it out even if Nervosa isn’t playing the next time you are in Berlin.

Nervosa was as awesome as ever. I’ve now seen them in three different countries. More photos of them on this evening and at Gefle Metal Festival will be posted here soon.

sage club berlin nervosa

Nervosa @ Sage Club (July 20, 2017)

sage club berlin nervosa Prika Amaral

Prika Amaral

sage club berlin nervosa Luana Dametto

Luana Dametto

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