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Never been to a European metal festival?

#brutalAssault2019 #brutalassault @Frankreature

Maybe the reason is the cost?

Copenhell costs about $300 and is sold out so will cost much more on the secondary market. Beer is expensive, housing is expensive, etc.
Wacken is a similar price, (too big and too crowded IMO), and is also sold out.

Under the radar is Brutal Assault. With a very similar lineup of bands to Wacken, spread over one more day (so you don’t miss as many acts playing at the same time), and a crowd less than a third the size, you’ll get closer to the stages and enjoy your experience far more. Beer is cheap (under $2 for 17 oz!!), the setting is an 18th-century fortress, and the Czech Republic is awesome. Spend some days in Prague on your way in or out. Tickets through the end of April are just $100 for four days! Buy your ticket here.

About 30 more bands will be announced later this week!

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