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Mercyful Fate @ Copenhell 2020!

King Diamond @ Copenhell

@COPENHELL #copenhell @RealKingDiamond #KingDiamond #MercyfulFate

As my summer festival season is approaching an end, I was thinking that now there are close to no bands left that I really want to see that I haven’t. And then this showed up in my email….

“The legendary Danish heavy metal band MERCYFUL FATE will make a spectacular return at next year’s COPENHELL festival in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Almost 40 years ago, singer King Diamond and guitarist Hank Shermann created what would later become the most iconic and influential Danish heavy metal band ever…

The band will perform (at 2020 Copenhell) with the “9” lineup featuring Hank Shermann (guitar), King Diamond (vocals), Bjarne T. Holm (drums), Mike Wead (guitar) and Joey Vera (Bass)… the set list will only consist of songs from the very first ‘mini LP’, the “Melissa” and “Don’t Break The Oath” albums plus some brand new songs written specifically in that very same style.”

And now I really must get back to Copenhagen next summer!

Yes, I’ve seen King Diamond a few times (including back in the 1980s), but I don’t like any of his albums nearly as much as I love Melissa and Don’t Break The Oath, and he barely touches those albums live anymore.

6 Responses to “Mercyful Fate @ Copenhell 2020!”

  1. 1
    Aage Konstantin:

    Well of course you must. Or I am sure you would have found another reason to go – you can´t help it, can you? I’ll sure be there.

  2. 2

    Aage, you are, of course, correct.

    I have a few things I need to get squared away first though. I have to get my back fixed. I can’t do another festival season with this much pain again. I need an invite from CBS. And I need to get a photo credential as I really must see Mercyful Fate from the photo pit! 🙂 (I didn’t have a photo pass this year.) 🙁

    Any chance Michael Denner will join them for at least a song or two?

  3. 3
    Aage Konstantin:

    Didn´t know about your back (or just forgot), I wish all the best for a cure.

    About the photo pass … hmmm, I will ask around of how to.

    Michael Denner always join the festival and he is running a quiz show there with another friend of mine. But beeing at the festival, we could always hope he “just pass by” and join the band for a solo or two. I am going to visit him in his record shop later this month regarding release of a new album ( I may pop the question about why he is not on the bill.

    Any chance to meet before you leave CPH?

  4. 4

    I may not have said anything about my back. I took a fall on snow in the winter, and initially it got better. But it still hurts daily, especially if I’m active (standing or walking much), and hasn’t improved in months. I haven’t been to a doctor yet but will when I get home in a little over a week.

    Unfortunately, I’ve already left Denmark. I’m in Russia for Rammstein tonight. After Brutal Assault, next week in Czech, I’ll head back to the USA.

  5. 5
    Aage Konstantin:

    Nice! 5-6 of my friends are joining BA – they have tried to convince me to go too. Have a nice journey, hope to see you next year.

  6. 6
    Al Case:

    Saw several Copenhell shirts in Prague today. And the Wacken crowd has begun to arrive in Czech too. It will be an epic four days at Brutal Assault, a much more international crowd than Copenhell.

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